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I created the Digestive Health Program: A Guide to Internal & External Relaxation program to help you release into a more comfortable and efficient state in your body, which will also in turn beneficially effect your Digestive System. Whether you struggle with chronic gastrointestinal issues, have just a few stubborn pounds that you can’t seem to shake, or have no weight problems at all you just seem to be in a chronic state of lethargy and stress, you will get a ton of help and information from this program.  I have created a compilation of exercises based from a few of my favorite books I’ve read in recent years, podcasts I've listened to, and videos I've watched online. If you just want some quick and simple help, feel free to browse through the exercises and videos and give them a try. If you want more information, I’ve included all the answers to your Why’s? How’s? and uhh.. What? (‘s).  


I am very passionate about this guide because I am the type of person that needed this information for years before I finally allowed it to sink in. Growing up I was the kind of athlete that always ignored the importance of relaxing, stretching and recharging. My Type A nature guided me toward forcing things to happen, whether my body wanted to or not... I mean the calories aren’t gonna burn themselves amiright!!? This lasted for years until I realized I was working wayyy too hard for too many hours to not be seeing major changes in my body. I even began to have gastrointestinal issues seemingly out of nowhere; where I was having adverse reactions and nausea when I ate certain things that I loved. All that & I was dealing with chronic constipation (cute!) that I thought was just a normal part of life. I felt like I was losing control over my body and couldn’t keep forcing a change. 


Then I started listening to Fitness related Podcasts (Shout out to the guys at Mind Pump, and Mike Matthews Muscle For Life Podcast- would highly recommend) and reading books that were highly recommended, to further my education on Fitness and Health in general (I will list them at the back of this program and refer to them throughout). I kept hearing a resounding message: “Your body heals when you are in a parasympathetic state; your Rest and Digest Mode”. So finally, I began to listen.


My body felt entirely different, literally instantly. I felt release in tissue I never knew needed it. I felt like I could breathe more deeply, with more space in my body and my organs. I felt a definitive calmness come over me, taking me to a level of relaxation above where I thought was possible. And as I have continued to do these movements within my own workouts, I have seen and felt a compounding difference in the way my body feels, moves and functions. Digestively, I am more regular, have very few dietary restrictions, and feel less stomach aches and G.I pains in general. Physically, I have a fraction of the joint aches and pains, headaches, and lethargy that I would deal with on a (what-I-thought-was-normal-but-now-know-differently) level. I sleep better, I handle inconveniences better, and I can destress relatively quickly, because I now have the right tools to do so.


These are not traditional movements, you will probably feel goofy and have to get out of your comfort zone a little bit for some of these, but that’s where the treasure lies! These exercises have changed my life in so many positive ways. That’s why I am so excited to share the exercises and the reasons behind them with you. I hope you find this as a tool you can use now, and continually as you learn about your body and what works for you. And connect you more deeply to your body, to level up your health beyond what you thought was possible. So chillout, relax, and come on this journey into Rest and Digest Mode with me.

Decompress, Destress & Digest Program

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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